Growing up in Baltimore, Katie Baum enjoyed snowballs every hot and humid summer for as long as she can remember. Only after leaving home did she discover that not everyone had experienced the joy of this refreshing summertime treat. Thirteen years after moving to the Bay Area, Katie decided to bring tasty snowballs to the West Coast. Skylite Snowballs are much like the traditional Baltimore confection, but with a natural California twist.

Katie worked with Chez Panisse pastry chef Stacie Pierce to create Skylite’s ten original syrup flavors using only the freshest local produce. In 2011, teacher-turned-baker and former Namu Gaji pastry chef Marykate McGoldrick joined the team. With the same commitment to seasonal ingredients, Marykate built Skylite’s snowball menu into an assortment of more than fifty unique flavors. An Oakland-based cook, baker, and maker of things, Marykate’s tea cookies and cakes can be found at Umami Mart and Asha Tea House. Visit her at www.mkmcgold.com.

A million miles from the chemically cloying, fake sno-cones of our childhoods, Skylite Snowballs encompass everything from the light, subtle flavor of white-tip jasmine tea, to the bright taste of ripe strawberries, to the hint of fresh-ground coffee beans.